50 12x36 Wedding Album PSD Templates for Portraits (Update)

This 50 12x36 Wedding Album PSD Templates for Portraits post related to design couples portraits templates for the wedding album.
All the design pages are ready-made PSD templates to create a great photo album for wedding couple photographs, which you can easily use in your wedding or engagement album. All these below sample images are meant to show you the album you made so that you can find out how your album will look after you have added the couple's photos.
These 50 design pages will be better suited to create your entire photo album. You can see our latest updates for other sizes and new design templates.

Download All PSD file with separate link of each file

Separate links are given below each file so that each file can be downloaded as per your requirement. You can see all the designs by clicking on the demo link to see what your album will look like or the design of each page.

For Demo page in JPEG check here