How To get PSD

We are explaining the process of getting all psd files from website. You understand proper, so we are adding some photographs too , so that you can understand well.

All new Post have download links in the end of post check and get psd files and for Old post follow this process till update links on all posts..
1.First of all open the page from which you want have to get the files.

2. Now you can select the heading of the post.

3. After selecting heading/Title, right click on heading and copy selected line.

4. Now you open your email and compose a mail.

5. Now you write the recipient's email address and paste the post heading into the email subject.

6. Check the recipient's email address and also the subject where you have pasted the title of the post and sent the mail by pressing the send button.

7. After sending mail, refresh your inbox and wait a few moments. You will receive an email.

8. Open mail received in the inbox and click on download.

9. You are now on the download page of mediafire, from which you will be able to get the file.

10. To understand more, there is a video link below, which will help you understand even better.


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